Comprehensive Gifted Program

Comprehensive Gifted Program (CGP) Overview

The Comprehensive Gifted Program is offered in selected magnet, magnet cluster, and open enrollment schools throughout the Chicago Public Schools system. It is designed to provide a challenging, accelerated program of study for the top 10% of students in grades K-8 in each participating school. The CGP promotes curriculum acceleration and differentiation for its targeted students.

The Comprehensive Gifted Program establishes and maintains a high-quality curriculum that emphasizes rigor and complexity in the delivery of differentiated, meaningful, and respectful tasks, resulting in products that provide evidence of a high-functioning program for the gifted and talented.  The Gifted Program embodies the philosophical approach of differentiation, embraced by educators who believe that quality teaching begins by responding to the unique and varying learning needs of the gifted and talented child.

José de Diego recognizes the diverse learning of the student population.  Identifying the top 10% of the local population allows for curriculum acceleration and differentiation.

Teachers who have completed the required gifted training teach students.  Teachers use best practices for instructing gifted children.  The program is based on the principle that all students are entitled to an equal opportunity to develop in relationship to their abilities. Our program challenges the students who are identified as gifted and talented.  These are students who consistently demonstrate superior general reasoning ability and/or potential to excel in specific academic, creative, or artistic areas

Identification Process

Program Activities

  • Students in the CGP program receive accelerated instruction that is a half-year to one year above grade level.
  • CGP principals and gifted coordinators undergo monthly professional development.
  • CGP leaders establish community partnerships at the local level to maximize resources beneficial for students’ learning.
  • The program is aligned with the Illinois State Code for establishing and maintaining gifted and talented programs.

Teachers in the CGP are highly trained, highly qualified candidates who have participated in a myriad of training. The Office of Academic Enhancement offers these teachers training in curriculum and instruction from nationally renowned experts in the field of gifted and talented learners.
Training has been offered to teachers in the CGP program by esteemed educators such as Dr. Joyce Van Tassel-Baska, Dr. Diane Heacox, and Mr. Jay McTighe. Teacher training has also been offered through Gifted Education Seminars, Advanced Gifted Institutes, and Summer Best Practice Workshops.
Interesting facts:
  • The CGP was established in 1980.
  • The CGP is currently offered in a total of 48 elementary schools throughout the city.